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One of the best visual treats in Australia is Uluru, which is an iconic symbol in this part of the world. Formerly called Ayres Rock this is today one of the best sights in the Australian tours. It is located on the Red Centre in the northern part of Australia and has been recognized as a World Heritage Centre. For the best available vacation rental websites visit Measuring 348 metres from the top, it has a circumference of 9.4 km it extends for around 1. 5 mils and is a sacred site to the Aborigines who believe that there is a space underneath. Uluru is very hollow and is believed to have the spirits of the ancestors.

Uluru is a single monolith and is also the biggest one. There are many disputes over whether Uluru is bigger or Mount Augustus. Consisting of sandstone it changes colour from a lovely orange to blue and then violet and red. This happens during sunset and sunrise. There is a viewing point here from where you can see sunrise on the road around Uluru and there is another point from where you can see sunset.

Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park
Not many people like to climb the Uluru, as it is believed that it would take a long time. There are many other walks that you can indulge in like the Kata Tjuta, or a spectacular looped walk, Valley of the winds walk, which can be seen from the two lookouts in Kata Tjura.

Visit Uluru during the months of August and September as this is the time when the climate is temperate. Uluru is the best know Australian landmark and is the most ancient monolith. It is very impressive and has great statistics. Also called the Ayers Rock it was so named by William Gosse in the year 1873 after the great Sir Henry Ayers. Existing since more than 600 million years ago, the Aborigines have been living in the region for the last 10,000 years. It was initially in the bottom of the sea and is today found around 348m above the ground. Even today there are at least 2.5 kms of the landmass is underground.

Lying to the west of the Simpson Desert Uluru is very near the Red Centre of Australia and is around 335 kms to the southwest of Alice Springs. This is not exactly the biggest monolith in the entire world but is counted amongst them.


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Best Way To Choose Homes For Sale Cambridge MA

Do you live in or around Medford ma? Are you looking to buy a home in this area? Then why not consider looking for homes for sale Cambridge ma? Below are some steps that will enlighten and guide you on how to best choose a home that suites your budget while at the same time suiting your taste.

Consider the location

In order to buy homes for sale Cambridge ma, you’ll also need to consider transport and other costs. Consider if living a long way from your job will mean that you have to buy a second car or if you will have to spend an hour driving. Consider how much that will impact your household and personal budget and determine whether or not it is worth it.

Also take a closer look at the lifestyle implications this will have on you as a person. There is no point buying homes for sale Cambridge ma that are miles away from cafes if a good cup of coffee and a cafe atmosphere is important to you.

Looking at price

This always means buying the best house that you can afford. If you can afford it with your current salary, then it will be even easier in the future if your income increases. This is of course assuming the interest rates remain ever stable.

The best way to know how much you can personally afford is to approach your bank and find out what they can do for you in terms of lending or mortgage. It is also good to get a second opinion by asking a mortgage broker of your choice if they can find you a good deal for homes for sale Cambridge ma. This is a highly competitive market and there is a lot of great options out there if you do a proper research.

Consider you changing needs

If you have found the perfect homes for sale Cambridge ma at a good location and you are not planning on moving for a long time, then you should consider whether or not you can accommodate the changes in life while at this particular home. If you have some rooms that could be extended easily then you can incorporate a living room or a bathroom too in them. If you’re planning to have kids, consider if there is enough room for them to play and grow?

While in this point, it is also important to check if there is enough parking for more than one car. Much as it is impossible to know everything that life will throw on us, it is always important to think about how your first home will fit into your future hopes and plans, especially if you have found a particular home that you plan on settling in.

New, renovated or un-renovated houses

This is important as it all boils down to your budget, your tastes, your ambitions and tolerance for things related to repairs.


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Semenax Is Expensive

Today I am going to review Semenax pills. I am going to compare Semenax to Volume pills and I want to give you my insight and review.  Both contain amino acids and arginine. They both have a lot of the same ingredients which includes which are both natural herbs and amino acids. Learn more about Semenax at
The promise from both of these products is to increase the amount of semen and sperm. That your body naturally produces.  There is a gland within your groin that essentially is where testosterone is built up and it produces sperm usually in the millions per day and these products are supposed to increase that. Learn more about Semenax at and
I personally use both of them but I do prefer Volume pills because I felt better orgasms from taking them.  I took for about three months and Semenax was only used for one month so I didn’t see the best results from it. 
In general both of these are very good products. I would think that if you had to choose one Volume Pills would be the best one for a variety of reasons.  The price is a little bit cheaper and that is based off a six month supply.  Semenax is a little bit more expensive but both of these supplements come with a one year guarantee if for any reason you do not like them.  They both have high quality ingredients so its all about how big do you want your ejaculation.
You can take up to six pills a day with the Volume pills. It’s recommended that you refrain from sexual activity or masturbation for 7 days when you start taking either one of these sperm pills.  There’s no side effects with either one from at least what I have reported. Pick out the right one that you thing is right for you.
Volume Pills are basically a semen enhancer and you only need to take them for a few months and 2 pills  a day with  half glass of water seems to do the trick. You can also increase sexual stamina and your sex drive. During the duration of me trying I started to see changes after 2 weeks. This is expected when you take any herbal pill.
You will first start to notice small gains in semen volume. It was not until after 2 months that I started to notice huge results. My semen load had tripled in size. It was amazing and my orgasm intensity had gone way the heck up. My sensitivity for orgasm had gone up dramatically and I no longer wanted to use a condom.
You will see over time that your semen volume will be much bigger and watery. You can use it for recreational purposes or just for your sex drive.  If you are looking for a semen enhancer these are my favorite ones. 
You can buy volume pills in any country but you should check out a full review of the product first so you can compare them to competing products. Good luck in your quest to shoot bigger loads and increased amounts of semen.


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Are Bacon Eggs a Healthy Breakfast?

For proteins, like meats, fish and poultry, arrange for between 3 and 7 ounces of lean protein, such as fish and poultry, daily. Refined food can impact your mental health because it contains little with the items your mind must produce the chemicals liable for happiness and productivity. Protein overconsumption might also cause dehydration, because your body expels protein byproducts through urination. This is particularly risky those of you that exercise heavily and lose a great deal of water through sweat. Even if this protein is incomplete — missing 1 if not more amino acids you will need in your diet — a highly-rounded diet will protect you against an protein deficiency. Navy beans are lacking in fat, at below 1 gram per serving.

Movie popcorn is simply not a nutritious option, however. Medium popcorn servings at major chains contain between nine and 20 cups of popcorn and 590 to 1,200 calories. Many movie theaters still pop corn in coconut oil, meaning a medium has between 33 and 60 grams of unhealthy fat. Ensure that children enjoy a daily balanced diet which has a lot of colorful fresh vegetables and fruits to receive sufficient degrees of these vitamins. Cross portion of black garlic Look at Garden Fare menu for healthier options. Search for the olive branch logo next to the healthier menu choices you possess, recommends the Olive Garden. Glance for the calorie count and fat content that will help guide your selection involving the chicken, steak, pasta or soup choices. Crab legs are naturally abundant in sodium, containing 1,436 mg sodium per serving. Limit the sodium in your daily diet to 1,500 mg to 2,300 mg per day to avoid elevated blood pressure level, a greater probability of coronary cardiovascular disease and retaining water. Maple syrup still is sugar.

High blood quantities of lead could potentially cause kidney damage, hearing problems, aggressive behavior, anemia, constipation and difficulty sleeping. Also, bear in mind that venison can cause food-borne illnesses, including E. coli, when it isn’t properly cleaned, stored and prepared. Kris-Etherton told ?The Latest York Times? that nuts are high in protein, fiber, cholesterol-lowering plant sterols and micronutrients like copper and magnesium. If you appreciate to generate breakfast smoothies, Stewart recommends tossing in certain handfuls of mild greens, for example spinach or kale, to obtain a big dose of phytonutrients. Flax seeds, ground into meal, add fiber and heart-healthy omega-3s. A report by Massachusetts Institute of Technology agrees that weightloss of 2 to 3 lbs. every 7 days is usually a healthy rate. Based on all this information, people considered obese who may have lots of weight to give up can safely target 3 lbs. of losing weight weekly as revealed before by Your entire body uses protein to produce enzymes, transport oxygen also to maintain healthy tissues, including your muscles, hair and skin. Potassium and Selenium Swordfish also provides potassium and selenium, two essential minerals.

Each 2-tablespoon serving contains 16 grams of total fat, including 7.4 grams of monounsaturated fat and 4.5 grams of polyunsaturated fat. Excess sodium in your daily diet puts stress on your own heart, but potassium can counter the negative effects of sodium. It’s hard for a menu brimming with convenience foods to switch the nutrients and fiber that can be purchased in a menu containing fresh produce, whole grains, lean meat and low-fat dairy. For any special twist of crunch and color with your sandwich, try spinach leaves rather than lettuce. It is possible to layer leaves in virtually any type of sandwich. Spinach complements turkey and tuna sandwiches. Cayenne, which is actually a main ingredient in chili powder, can aid in weight-loss and has pain-relieving properties. Replace flour tortillas with whole wheat grains tortillas for a healthy substitution.



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Why They Criticize Medical Transcription Service as a Profession

A lot of people pooh-pooh the medical transcription service provider. This makes medical transcription-aspirants skeptical of the profession. Let us look at why the profession is criticized. The job is considered a glorified typing job. Critics of the medical transcription service as a profession think that the transcriptionist’ job is no better than a secretary’s or a typist’s. They have absolutely no clue that the medical transcription service as a profession is a specialized one. Since there are no stringent eligibility criteria to enter this profession, critics feel that anyone can handle the job. While it is true that you do not need to possess a certain qualification or have an experience, you cannot become a transcriptionist if you don’t have the right aptitude. The entry in the field may be easy but survival isn’t. The medical transcription service profession is extremely challenging, requiring individuals to be always on their toes.Another misconception is that the profession is not a specialized one. 

The truth is that a transcription service provider from another field cannot work as a medical transcriptionist. Apart from possessing a certain aptitude, the medical transcriptionist has to possess an in-depth medical knowledge in order to comprehend the medical information and convert them into meaningful, relevant, and complete healthcare records.Critics have also mentioned that technology will replace the transcription service provider sooner or later. While it is true that the speech recognition software is capable of converting spoken words into text, it cannot deliver absolutely accurate results. Moreover, the software requires doctors to train it and then record information in it with utmost precision. If doctors had the time, they would make medical documents themselves instead of recording them as audio. The software, thus, loses its purpose. Also, it cannot analyze like a human transcriptionist. All these factors make the software far from being a threat to the medical transcriptionist’s job. Instead, it has become the transcriptionists’ friend by easing off the pressure on them.The fears around the profession are misplaced and the criticism unjustified. If you are interested in the medical transcription service as a career, seek advice from the experts before making your decision.


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Florida Beaches Become More Popular with Vacationers

As the weather begins to warm up in the North and the spring time thaw starts people’s thoughts turn to warm weather activities and they start looking forward to venturing outside for more than 15 minutes without freezing to death. Many people envision warm breezes, caressing their faces, palm tress gently swaying in the breeze, in short they picture Florida beaches. For the top rated activities and things to do in Orlando read more at Activities at Florida Beaches. I have lived in Florida over 25 years and when people come down to visit they always ask me where the best Florida beaches are and while I want to give them an honest answer it’s really, honestly, hard to choose just one.

Having been all over the state and having visited more beaches than I can count I have to say there are too many to call just one my favorite or give it the title of ‘best’. When I’m asked this question tend to I ask a few myself, for instance I ask “What do you like to do at the beach, for instance do you like to fish?” For Tampa Bay vacation ideas go to It’s true you can cast a line off of any beach but if you’d actually like to catch something there are a few areas that are better than others. Destin, in the Panhandle, for instance, is known to have Cobia and other species running right off shore this may have something to do with the fact that the 100 fathom curve is only ten miles offshore at Destin and provides the fastest access to deep water fishing in the Gulf, surly the fish must use it too.

East Coast Beaches
If you like to drive on the beach try Huguenot Memorial Park, take a picnic basket and party all day with a few hundred of your friends and you’re still close to the city Huguenot Memorial Park is within 20 miles of Jacksonville and is a great place to spend the day. Ponte Vedra Beach and Jacksonville beaches are also close by. If you go a little further south you’ll find Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach, you can drive on these beaches too during certain times of the year. for Miami family vacations check out Back on the East Coast, down from New Smyrna Beach you’ll find world famous Cocoa Beach home of Jon Ron’s Surf and known to surfers as the small wave capital of the east coast. In Stuart there’s a great little beach called Bathtub Reef Park. The reef is about 40 yards offshore and protects the shoreline from breaking waves, it’s very calm and a great place for small children to swim and to learn to snorkel.

Florida’s Gulf Coast Beaches
Across the state on the west coast just south of Tampa and St. Petersburg you’ll find Sarasota and the beautiful islands of Longboat Key, Lido Key and Siesta Key with their quiet, secluded beaches they are great places to slow down and relax. Further south you’ll encounter Captiva and Sanibel Islands, Sanibel Island is famous for it’s ‘shelling’. If you head down to this beach early in the day you’ll find all sorts of people hunched over with small nets and buckets picking up an array of beautiful shells that are all over the beach there.


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Neutrogena Blackhead Toner Review

Spironolactone is often a pill to help reduce acne. Lots of people think of acne as being a skin problem for only teenagers. The fact is, some people experience acne, whether they are old or young, female or male. Resist the desire to shape or trim your facial hair while in the first for weeks of seeking to grow a beard. Based on the Cleveland Clinic, acne is easily the most common skin problem that individuals experience. Additionally, the lactic acid seen in yogurt is moisturizing. In a small bowl, mix 1 tablespoon of ground oatmeal with 1 tablespoon of organic yogurt, then add in 1 teaspoon honey. Apply the mask to the face, give it time to sit for fifteen minutes, and rinse it well with tepid water. This acid also can increase the danger of seizures in epileptic patients. Results this herb in pregnancy and lactation have not been studied. Use an astringent when you have oily skin. Apply the astringent simply to the issue areas. Apply astringent in line with the recommendations on the label, as overuse can dry and irritate the facial skin.

Hide blemishes and maintain skin looking clear with the right makeup application. Begin by covering each specific spot that has a dab of concealer and blend into skin. Smooth over and blend concealer in your entire face by using a liquid or powder foundation. Should you can’t reach your feet, employ a belt, long sash or yoga strap. This pose will also help reduce stress as part of your facial muscles. Regular Headstand practice brings fresh blood with the brain cells and nourishes your sensitive skin, as outlined by B.K.S. Be sure helmets and other gear are heavily padded and you replace the pads with clean ones regularly. Wash your face by using a mild cleanser after sweating and wash hair each day if it’s oily. These medications are often less irritating towards the skin if used as directed, notes the American Academy of Dermatology. Use a small, pea-sized add up to clean skin over a nightly basis. If redness and irritation do occur, discontinue use and notify your dermatologist. An aggressive acne-fighting daily regimen can diminish old acne bumps. If at-home skin-care isn’t sufficient to banish the bumps, call your dermatologist for added suggestions.

However, these symptoms usually vanish entirely since your skin adjusts into the treatment. The utilization of retinol and tretinoin can make your skin layer more sun-sensitive, so it’s especially essential to be diligent about wearing sunscreen. Baby acne breakouts are common and temporary. Based on the Mayo Clinic, baby acne cases are simply a different type of newborn rash that is common and temporary. Infant rashes are noticeable adjustments to your baby’s skin which could be troubling. “Allure” magazine recommends utilizing a makeup which is formulated for acne-prone skin. Choose noncomedogenic makeup, which won’t clog pores. Avoid oil-based foundations, because they can trigger breakouts. You ought to steam the carrots before adding these phones the mask, though, so they’re soft enough to mix with the yogurt. If you have extremely oily skin, adding some tablespoons of clay powder to the yogurt mask will help absorb excess oil so that it won’t clog your pores and cause acne. Chronic acne, like several acne, is a result of three factors: excess oil production as part of your skin, irritated hair follicles resulting from irregular skin cell shedding and bacteria build-up on the affected area his explanation Although these scars can be tough to deal with, dermatologists have a selection of treatment selections for scars from nodular acne. Acne comes from a mixture of causes, based on

Add 1/4 cup of honey and combine. Allow oatmeal mixture to cool completely. Apply mixture to manage, avoid the eye area as oatmeal can irritate the eye area. Leave the mask on for 10 to 20 min. Rinse the face with warm water and soap to clear out. Oral antibiotics come with an advantage in treatments for back acne: You do not have to contort towards a pretzel shape aiming to put lotions or creams on hard-to-reach aspects of your anatomy. Apply the washcloth directly to your skin, and enable the tea to soak within the skin for ten minutes. Periodically dip the washcloth back into the tea over the application process. Before using green tea to help treat acne scarring, discuss the use of this herb with your physician. This collection of hormones, including testosterone, energizes the glands from the skin that produce sebum, or skin oil. When your body has lots of androgens, those hormones will over-stimulate your sebum-producing glands. The surplus oil likely will clog your pores, causing acne. Acne are often very persistent, for a few people lasting well into adulthood. However, there are various effective remedies available that help to control acne even when cutting out salty, pro-inflammatory foods or using salt water to cleanse the skin doesnt banish blemishes.

You may think that any tan can certainly help hide acne or that this sun may limit the excess oil within your skin, but far too much sun causes dryness that simply makes this skin condition worse. The allergic reaction occurs considering that the defense system mistakes the proteins as being an invading substance, for instance a virus or bacteria. This will cause the immune system to attack the meals proteins and contributes to producing immunoglobulin E, or IgE, antibodies and histamine. Acne sufferers should move to a diet plan lower in sugar and white flour and high in fish, nuts and grain. Like everything else, even a lot of good fat can be quite a bad thing. The USDA recommends that total fat intake remains between 20 and 35 percent of total caloric intake. Eight amino acids must build muscle, facilitate absorbency and convey total wellbeing in the human body. Animal proteins contain the full spectrum of amino acids and are generally considered a complete protein source. That foaming cleanser that produces the skin feel clean may possibly be allowing it to be worse. Sulfates, based on Bionic Beauty, are detergents that produce foamy suds. However, they leave a film onto the skin that penetrates to the pore and causes clogs, bringing about whiteheads and blackheads.



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Freestanding Baths – Choose The Kind of Luxury You Want at Home

The bath is one of the essential elements of the house which must not be taken for granted. There are accessories that are essential the chamber must have therefore bathing may be really secure and soothing. Among the toilet accessories that are very most important is the freestanding bath, a contemporary tub which wants not to be attached or installed on the wall. It can be freely placed by you in the middle of the area or any place you would like, since it’s named freestanding. When buying a bath, you can find things that should be basically considered.


The extra space capturing a freestanding bath helps to generate your bathroom seem considerably larger. In addition, it makes it far easier to clean over the bath, as oppose to an integrated bath. The most will be placed over the center of the area, ideally to get it out of your freestanding bath. You’ll be able to have it installed on some sort of stage that is raised to actually make it stand out at floor level or improved.

Take your pick from shallow baths which are perfect for children to bathe in to strong baths, that are great for those who always love to soaking for protracted lengths of time, from a massive range of lengths and depths.

You will be told the size along with the form of the freestanding bath you have to purchase by the bathing space’s the room. You will need to measure the location where you need to place the bath to get the exact dimension. It truly is ideal to place the tub near the window if you are fond of washing your human body for longer period of time. On the window, you can have some relaxing atmosphere while looking at the external viewpoint or you can position the bath in a way that is such that video can be watched by you on the front room. Most people find this very perfect although this matters on personal preferences. If you’d like to take a bath with your precious, then opt for a tub for two men as long as the restroom area allows.

Pick bath of quality materials that are good. The materials the tubs are constructed with will tell the durability and the cost. It will also be the foundation on how the bathtub polished and will soon be developed. Stuff alternatives include resin, steel, stone and polymer. Among the most popular is the acrylic since it may be polished nicely therefore the bath offer the look that is most refined. Other materials for example steel, cast-iron and copper are materials that are permanent also. You might also elect to have traditional look on tubs. Indeed, you are going to have lots of choices.

The prices for freestanding baths also fluctuate based on the manufacturer but furthermore depending not just on the substance they are made of. To get the best out of your money, make comparisons on the rates provided by companies that are various. But naturally, you still possess the path to check for more economical and marked down baths from different providers.


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Omron HEM-780 Basic Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron Hem-780 Basic blood pressure monitor is cheaper end of Omron digital bp monitors.  The cuff size fits round arm measurement up to 32 cm. Be aware that the display is restricted to showing BP readings and then Pulse reading. That may prove annoying to some.


Omron hem-780 digital automatic blood pressure monitor is also known to sometimes give the wrong readings. A situation less desirable under the circumstance. You certainly do not want an unreliable blood pressure monitor when your health matters.

This is probably the cheapest blood pressure monitor for sale with price range from 10 – 15. So if you are looking for a cheap omron blood pressure monitor then this is for you. However, we have reviewed the Omron BP785 and, on balance, will not add it to our recommended blood pressure monitors review.

This Omron arm blood pressure monitor is another easy to use omron digital bp monitor. BP785 is an excellent blood pressure machine in terms of both finish and accuracy.

The Omron BP785 blood pressure monitor Plus offers solid and reliable technology from Omron. This Omron upper arm blood pressure monitor offers the basic features of a blood pressure monitor. It operates on batteries (or mains, using a separately available AC adaptor). A comfortable and ‘easy to wrap’ cuff is also supplied.


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Fenix Parts Announced The Acquisition Of Tri -City Auto Salvage

Westchester, Illinois, October 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Phoenix Parts, Inc .. (Nasdaq: FENX), a leading distributor and original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) automotive products, today announced the recycler acquisition of Tri -City Auto Salvage, Inc. (“Tri-City”) in Greensboro, North Carolina for approximately $ 6.6 million in cash and 42.363 shares of common stock Fenix. The cash portion of the purchase price was financed through a combination of cash and the use of $ 6.5 million of the credit facility of the Company. Tri-City is a complete recycling center for automotive repair Greensboro and surrounding markets and represents second Fenix ​​Parts’ in North Carolina. For the 12 months to June 30, 2015, Tri-City had revenues of approximately $ 8 million.
Kent Robertson, CEO of Fenix ​​Parts, said: “We are very pleased to announce the acquisition of Tri-City Auto Salvage, which has been doing business in central North Carolina – which includes Greensboro, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham and around -. for the past 21 years Led by an experienced and well respected management team at Pick n’ Pull, Tri-City offers a wide selection of parts used for both and foreign model cars In line with our strategy to provide our customers with access to one. largest and most diversified parts while expanding our distribution, removal, storage and inventory yard capacity. We are excited by the opportunities of Tri-City Fenix ​​Parts bring customers’ and shareholders. “
Robertson added: “Tri-City built off of our recent acquisition of Butler Auto Sales and Parts in Forest City, North Carolina, establishing Fenix ​​strong leader in the automotive recycling industry also state, with 16 facilities located. strategically along the East Coast and a strong portfolio of acquisition candidates, Parts Fenix ​​remains well positioned to execute our strategy of long-term growth. “
About  Fenix Parts
Parts Fenix ​​is ​​a leading recycler and distributor of original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) automotive products. Main business of the company is recycling of cars, which is the recovery and resale of parts, components and OEM systems damaged vehicles recovered value, aggregated or low. Customers include collision repair shops (body shops), mechanical repair shops, car dealers and individual retail customers. Phoenix offers its customers high quality recycled OEM, extensive inventory and product availability, customer service response and fast delivery.
Fenix ​​was founded in January 2014 to merge eight founding companies and create a network that provides sales, fulfillment and distribution in key regional markets in the United States and Canada. The Fenix ​​companies have been in business an average of over 25 years, including Tri-City, operating from 16 locations.
Forward Looking Statements
This press release contains forward looking statements that are subject to certain risks, trends and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected in the future, expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. In some cases, you can identify forward-looking statements by using words such as “may, will, should, expects, believes, hopes, plans, future, intends, could, estimate, predict, project, guidance, potential or contingent , “the negative of these terms or other similar expressions. Our actual results could differ materially from those described or implied herein.
We caution that it is very difficult to predict the impact of known factors and it is impossible for us to anticipate all factors that could affect our actual results. All forward-looking statements are expressly qualified in their entirety by these cautionary statements. You should evaluate all forward-looking statements made in this press release in the context of the risks and uncertainties described in our filings with the SEC. These filings are available online at, or at the request of the Phoenix Parts.
We caution you that the above important factors may not contain all the factors that are important to you. Moreover, we can not guarantee that we will realize the results or developments that we expect or anticipate or even if realized substantially, which will lead to consequences that we anticipate or we or our operations affect the way we expect . Forward-looking statements included in this press release are made only as of the date hereof. We undertake no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statement as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by law. If we do update one or more forward-looking statements, no inference should be made that we will make additional updates with respect to those or other forward-looking statements. We qualify all of our forward-looking statements by these cautionary statements.


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