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Technical Considerations When Site Seeing In Japan


There are some technical considerations to make before heading out and traveling to Japan. In this week’s episode, Tommy and Alice talk about bikes cell phones and more.

Tommy Travel: ….Yeah and we would just like bike through Tokyo at random and got lost…it was super fun and it was like two dollars to rent the bike for the whole day. And then one cool thing to do is if you go to Kyoto you can rent a bike and then ride your bike to the temples and then go to those for free. So a lot of the things we do are for free.

Alice Adventure: So okay, say you were only going to go there for a week…how much do you think you could get away with spending…like do you think…so instead of two…you said $3,000, you think you could spend you know $2,000?

Tommy Travel: Let’s say you get your ticket for a grand…get your plane ticket…if you’re going to stay in one city then you don’t need a JR pass and you’re only going to be there for a week then you can probably get by with like a hundred and $80 lodging, maybe couple hundred for food if you’re going to splurge, so definitely, you could feasibly keep it at 15 hundred if you’re really really frugal…maybe 18 hundred if you want to splurge a little bit at just a week.

Alice Adventure: So potentially you could fly across the world to one of the world’s great cities, stay there for a week for about 15 hundred dollars…I mean like you’d obviously be really focused on being frugal but I mean you’d be in Tokyo, that’s pretty damn awesome!

Tommy Travel: Yeah I guess I’d be like a hundred dollars for that hotspot, maybe 16 hundred, I don’t know. See the thing I did, and one thing I like, I highly recommend doing for anybody wanting to travel, is make a budget, like do a bunch of research on the things you need to buy and then budget it all out. I think I actually had my…I wanted to say I had it up here, maybe I don’t…I thought I had a like a document in Evernote up that was my Japan budget…could have sworn I did…I don’t know where it went… Oh here it is…yeah, here we go!

So I had like JR pass is 440, other train travel that’s not a JR lines, like internal stuff, I just budgeted 150, and I put a …I put a pretty large margin on top of what I think it would be realistically just to be safe. This is for like a three-week planned trip, 650 for hostel, 600 for food, and I had like 300 for attractions, 200 to rent the phone, 300 for like stuff in arcades and stuff like that. So it like came around to three grandish. That was going to be for a three-week trip though. So yeah, you could probably feasibly get by with 15/16 hundred if you wanted to stay for a week. I personally wouldn’t want to go for only a week, but maybe that’s feasible for other people.

One big thing I highly recommend, travel super light. Like I don’t know how you travel dude but I travel light. Last time I went to Japan I went site seeing with Charming Asia Tours and I only took a small backpack. It was awesome!

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05 2015

Athens as top Greece Destination

Greece is a country surrounded by the Ionian, Mediterranean and Aegean sea. Greece is one of the most beautiful and diverse places in whole world. Beautiful landscape, ancient history and crystal blue water on those three seas are just one of the reasons why tourist from all over the world come here on vacation. Greece has an estimated of 1200 islands to 6000 islands, depending of the minimum size for take into account.


Athens is the capital and largest city in Greece. With it’s rich history as a center of arts, learning and philosophy it is widely referred to as the cradle of Western civilization and the birthplace of democracy. Today Athens is a cosmopolitan metropolis with a population of 3 million people, central to economic, financial, industrial, sport, political and cultural life in Greece.

City of Athens is must see destination if you are traveling to Greece. Destinations like Acropolis hill with monumental Temple of Parthenon attracts millions of people every year. Temple was built to honor the goddess Athena Parthenos, the patron of Athens, to thank her for protecting the city during the Persian Wars.

Less known fact about Athens is that town is surrounded by beautiful sand beaches, where you can swim for almost 6 months of the year. There are trams and buses that can take you to nearby organized beaches and most of them offer some sort of water sports for you to enjoy.

One of the unique aspects of Athens is its possibility to be a sports tourist attraction. City hosted the Summer Olympic Games twice, first modern games in 1896 and first games in new millenium in 2004. Visit Panathenaic stadium, host of 1896 olympic games and only stadium in the world built entirely in marble. It can host 45 000 people and best of all, you can walk on the field and see how the olympians from more then 100 years ago felt when competing for the medals. For 2004 games Athens renewed it’s Olympic Stadium which is considered today one of the best looking stadiums of the world and it hosts home games of AEK Athens.

You can also catch a game of Athens many sports clubs like Olympiacos, AEK or Panathinaikos in one of the many sports they are competing in. YOu can also try yourself in  rock climbing, hang gliding and windsurfing in one of the numerous outdoor clubs that serve these sports.

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02 2015

Amazing Tourist Destinations: a lovely place to visit

Come to the beautiful land of India and visit Uttaranchal a lovely region ensconced in the best surroundings. Located in the northern part of India, Uttaranchal has Tibet and Nepal in the northern side, Delhi, and Rajasthan bordering the west. With Madhya Pradesh in south and Bihar in the east, the place is filled with the best kind of natural surroundings. With the Sacred River Ganga flowing through the region, this scenic state has the best of hill stations dotting the entire region. The place has many trekking routes and beautiful destinations and has the best sights to offer too.

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Uttaranchal has many places to visit. Dehradun is a lovely locale here and is made of two words where Dera means Camp and Dun means valley. The town is called the entry point to Mussoorie and also goes into Garhwal region. Toda it is one of the most amazing Indian cities and has a great history of it being occupied by Gurkhas, Mughals and Sikhs. Then the British occupied the place and they established their supremacy. Today Dehradun is a place that has some of the best institutions and is a lovely place to visit.

Uttaranchal an Amazing Destination

Then of course, there is the Assan Barrage, which is a lovely wetland near the joining point of the Rivers Yamuna and Assan and is a place where there are many migratory birds and is a paradise for ornithologists.

Then there is Mussoorie, which is said to be the Queen of Hills and is located at a height of 2000 metres and is one of the most famous hill resorts in the entire country. Set up in the year 1823 it was Captain Young who developed the place during the British era. It is around 34 kms from the city of Dehradun. This is a great weekend retreat and gives the best glimpses of the Himalayan Mountains totally clad in snow. Travellers who come from the plains enjoy tours to the icy locales here. Are you looking for interesting tourist delights for your family vacation? Go to for the latest Caribbean holiday deals.

Queen of Hills

Gun Hill is another lovely place to visit in Mussoorie and is incidentally the second highest peak and is a greatly adventurous destination. There is a 400 m ropeway here, which connects the Gun Hill to the Mall.

Then there is Children’s Lodge, which is the highest peak here in Mussoorie and is famous for the telescope, which gives greatly interesting views of the Doon Valley and Himalayas.



12 2014

The Benefits Of Maintaining A Travel Blog While You Are On The Road

Whether you are an experienced traveler or just going out for a few weeks during the holidays, keeping a travel blog can be a vastly rewarding experience for yourself, your friends and your family. 
When most people think of blogs, they imagine writers who make a living documenting their experiences and engaging an online audience through their adventures. You could do this, too, but you do not need to take it professionally in order to benefit from the experience.
Your Blog: A Modern Travel Journal
Any number of free blogging sites can be used to help you document your journey and create a memorable and engaging souvenir for yourself and others. In the ancient, pre-Internet days, this was called a travel journal and was widely used by just about anyone who was visiting a new and exciting place anywhere in the world.
By documenting their experiences in a travel journal and including scrapbook-style photos, travelers were able to come home to their friends and family members with engaging stories to tell about the places they had been in and the sights they had enjoyed. The main difference now is that, with a travel blog, you no longer need to wait – the engagement can occur instantly.
Keeping A Blog For Solo Travelers
If you are thinking about heading out on your own into a new place, then documenting your experiences can be one of the most rewarding things you do. That is – only as rewarding as the experiences you document, but if you are traveling solo, then you are opening yourself up to a huge range of experiences that are not always possible for families, groups of friends and other types of travelers.
On the other hand, keeping your own travel blog also increases your security and safety. By leaving a documented account of your surroundings and environment, you will be much easier to get in contact with in case of any unexpected, unwelcome experiences. 
Advice For Families
Your family travel blog will take the place of a memorable scrapbook of experiences that you all had together. While the sentimental quality of a physical book is endearing, the accommodation of being able to look back on your travels anytime, and from anywhere via the Internet is a benefit that should not be understated. 
As an added bonus, one of the most memorable gifts that you can give a spouse or loved one is an actual physical scrapbook made using the content that you saved on the blog itself. This is especially true in cases where many years have been left to pass without similar vacations being taken. 
Responding to your loved ones’ memories of the great times you spent together is a beautiful way to revitalize your relationship with the family. These memories are made easily accessible and accountable through the use of any free blogging software and a laptop. 
Next time you want to spend some time out of your usual environment, play the journalist a few times in your trip and start a simple travel blog; your modern travel journal for the Internet age. 


06 2014